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KOZHIKKOD Gateway to the Western World

Opening up the gateway of India to Vasco-da-Gama the adventurous Portuguese navigator in 1498, Kozhikkod has carved for itself a landmark in the history of India. The land of the ancient Zamorins had many more things to offer to the western world other than the savoury spices for which they even ventured to discover a sea route.

Occupying a prominent place in the international trade map of the country right from the 13th century Kozhikkod paved the way for trade tourism in India. This trade centre is regaining much of its ancient glory by opening up air routes to Persian Gulf and other regions.


Vasco da Gama landed on this beach on 27 May 1498 with three vessels and 170 men. Sixteen Kms from Kozhikkod town this extensive beach of historical importance is one of the major beaches being developed in Kerala with a view to tourism promotion.


Vadakara has a prominent place in the folkore of Kerala. Lokanarkavu, the famous temple of Thacholi Othenan the hero of the Vadakkanpattu Ballads is only 5 Kms from here. Vadakara is reverberating with stories of the heroic exploits of Othenan.
Following the footsteps of the martial hero Othenan the famous martial art form of Kerala. Kalarippayattu has several arenas in Vadakara.


Kallai on the bank of River Kallai has the pride of being the major timber trading centre in Kerala. It still remains a potential trade centre of the timber industry.

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