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    Heli Tours India has came up with a revolutionary idea of introducing helicopter tourism in India and has been launched the project successfully. Even with its wide range of possibilities, the concept of Helicopter tourism was in its infancy in India. Heli Tours India is really proud of the fact that we are the very first organization to execute this Heli tourism venture in India. The core concept was a product of brain storming by a group of creative innovators, who made the dream come true.Helitours India has designed advanced helitour packages all over Kerala and major metro cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

Helitourism which is currently operating actively in and around Cochin, Kerala will be extending its functional domain with attractive packages which will offer you the most unforgettable experience of life. We have conceptualized an all India Helicopter tourism project which will connect all major metro cities, pilgrimage centers, heritage spots and tourist centers of India. Moreover we are also planning a complete Heli tour package of 6-7 days along the length and breadth of Kerala. Heli Tours India has gone a big leap by launching helicopter tourism as a thrilling endeavor in India which includes flower showering, heli ride, air shows, ariel adventurous sports, honeymoon trips etc. HelitoursIndia has come up with a fresh idea of helicopter tourism which will help to nourish the service sector in India a lot.


The outlook of travelling and tourism is changing day by day. HelitourismIndia is in front of you with a golden opportunity to fly with your dreams and touch the sky in style. Our Helicopter tours will be covering all major heritage sites of Kerala in record speed. An Ariel view of the upcoming metro city of Cochin, bluish beaches, greenish hills and valleys, waterfalls, backwaters etc of God’s Own Country, Kerala, will be an enchanting lifetime experience for all of you. Heli-tourism India has designed special packages to Sabarimala that can be operated from Cochin. This will be a great relief to aged pilgrims and physically disabled citizens so that they can easily reach to the top the temple and have ease darshan.

Helicopter for rent and chartered flights :

We also have provision to lend the helicopter for rent from Kerala. The time and purpose of the air flight has to be specified and according to the norms we will provide you a completely equipped Helicopter and pilot for rent to any place in India.

Packages to Pilgrimage sites :

Our Helicopter operated tour can provide you a complete pilgrim package with an air flight to all divine shrines and will be economically viable and convenient. We will be equipped with accommodation facilities and food service for the pilgrims.

Heli flights and Meetings for Corporate :

A helicopter trip can be arranged for Business clients of a firm for business meets and deals with them etc. Can also be utilized to design a tour package for the directorial board of a firm as a leisure trip.

Honeymoon flights :

Newly married couples will expect and plan their honeymoon trips in an entirely different and modern way. Our Heli-tour venture will be the best news for them in this guise since it provides the most sophisticated, adventurous and romantic way of enjoying your honeymoon.

Air Ambulance :

We can provide assistance to hospitals as Air ambulance. We can act well in situations of natural disasters, massive accidents, fire extinguishing etc.

Contact Us :

Air Tours India,
103 Ansal River Dale, Vennala, Kochi, India,
Ph: +91 85 90 90 33 00, +91 85 90 90 44 00
Email: info@helitoursindia.com,

Websites : www.helitoursindia.com, www.airtoursindia.com

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